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Terrance Pennington's 100 lbs Transformation

Terrance struggled with weight management and controlling emotions all his life. The TP Experience is teaching others his experience he overcome to build the confident and successful guy he is today. His weight-loss book, “Terrance Pennington's Play-by-Play: Coaching You Through Your Weight Loss Journey,” provides the readers with timeless principles on how he was able to lose 100 pounds and change the behaviors and bad habits that sabotaged his weight loss over and over again. Over the past 5 years he has devoted his life to helping others do the same.  His success with teaching the “Play-by-Play System” helps participants become more efficient and proactive during their weight loss transformation. Due to his success, many are joining his mental and physical transformation program to live the TP Experience.


Weight-loss will start because of you and bad health will end because of you!