Being a school teacher can be stressful at times and I would always put everyone first before me. So I made a decision before the new year of 2015 to focus on me, me, and me. It was one of the best decisions I made in my life. Yes the road has it ups and downs but I stayed in the fight. Terrance's encouragement and understanding of the weight loss battle is priceless. If you are in need of a true leader that has been through the storm, Terrance is your guy.



It wasn't until I made a firm commitment to make a "Lifestyle Change" that I was able to lose 155 lbs. Terrance Pennington was instrumental in my transformation with his commitment to helping me win my life back. Terrance thank you for your 4-Step Formula, motivation and pushing (sometimes) pulling me up the hill that has led me to a healthy lifestyle for over 4 years now. This guy is who he says he is!!!



Over the years, I let my weight gain tear down my confidence and self-esteem. Following TP's transformation system was easy to understand and sustain. Terrance personally has been through the weight-loss struggle so he knows how to talk to his clients when they are feeling down or discouraged. His ability to offer solutions to my problems instantly helped my journey run smoother than any of my past weight-loss attempts. If you want to lose a massive amount of weight or maybe the last 10-20 pounds off your body. Joining the TP Experience is a decision you must make for yourself now. I am glad I did and I wouldn't change my decision for the world.



Working night shift hours along with managing many store, I put my health on the back burner. I was also tired, hated my body, and tired of failing attempts. Feeling my frustration and lack of energy, my wife reached out to Terrance. His encouragement and transparency knowing that he battled the same issues I battle was refreshing. The process was enjoyable, When work would try to take me away from fitness, Terrance will reel me back in. This new energy of life and body I wear is what my family deserves. Learn from Terrance because he will teach you how to win forever!


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