5 workouts for only $5


What : 5 workouts - Kickboxing Cardio and toning workouts.

Who: All workouts offer low impact and high impact ways to execute each exercise.

Why : To offer you an effective and very low risk way to learn how Coach TP land great results for his clients.

When: You will have access instantly on your phone as soon as you make your purchase.

Investment - one time payment of only $5.00 



All-Access Membership site

What : Access to membership site that offers over 75+ and counting At-home exercise videos, Nutrition videos to teach you how to properly eat to eat to meet your goals, Mental training videos to help overcome emotional eating, poor discipline, balance, focus, etc. You will have access to much more that the site offers. 

For Who : Beginners and Intermediate who desire to learn how to meet your goals and sustain your goals. 

When: You can have access to workouts, nutrition videos, etc. at anytime through your smart phone, iPad, laptop, etc.  

Where: You can do your workouts at home, work, gym, or while traveling in hotel. NO EXCUSES, JUST SOLUTIONS!

Can I cancel : You can cancel at anytime.

Bonus: Your first 14 days is at no cost. After your trial period you will be charged your monthly payment. 

Investment - only $19.99 monthly